The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Active

Keeping your pet active on a number of levels, especially with dogs.

Without exercise a raft of physical and physiological issues can arise, but you can keep your dog well by making sure they can stay fit and healthy.

Here are 5 reasons on the importance of keeping your dog active:

Keep their weight under control.

Just like us, if your pet doesn't get enough exercise they run the risk of putting on too much weight. Taking your dog for daily walks will play a huge roll in keeping their weight under control and it gives them a chance to burn off excess energy too.

Maintain Healthy Joints

Joint health is another reason to keep and eye on how active your pet is. If you think about it, when you lie around and do nothing its really easy to stiffen up, its just the same for dogs as well. Walking and running will help keep their joints lubricated, increase muscle and other soft tissue strength and help maintain better flexibility.

Reduce The Ageing Effect

Whilst birthdays are to be celebrated, with every year that passes your dog is getting older, if they don't stay active time will catch up quickly. You can help reduce the physical and psychological effects of ageing by keeping your dog fit and healthy. Regular walks and exercise can really help keep their minds sharp and their body in shape for longer.

Reduce Anxiety

Exercise for pets isn't only about keeping the in good physical shape; its vital for mental health too. If animals don't get the chance to burn off the excess energy they will go stir-crazy, just like humans. If your pet pooch doesn't stay active, not only will they not benefit from the endorphin release that exercise brings, the inactivity can lead to anxious and unpredictable behavior.

Teach Them Manners

Taking your dog out for a walk is a prime opportunity to teach them discipline. Whether its keeping them on a lead or training them to come when you call, you can use activity time to help regulate their behavior. Its also a great chance to meet other dogs and improve their social skills, so get out there and let your dog explore the a disciplined manner, of course!

Whilst the focus of this article has been on the importance of keeping your dog active the same can be applied to other pets, including the smallest of furry companions. Whether its getting your cat to chase string or making DIY hamster toys, keeping these pets active is super important too.

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