Advice from the Ironbridge Doggy Army Pet Care Service in Shropshire

How clean should your dog be?  In the grand scheme of things, dogs are not expected to be clean animals.  Because they have evolved into our households, generally live indoors with us, maybe jump on our beds and sleep with us, a certain standard of cleanliness should be thought about.  Here is a short guide to keep your canine up to scratch.















Tooth brushing, yes that’s right, you read it correctly. Doggy toothpaste is

available and you can either get a recommended dog tooth brush or use

your fingers.  They really do need to get used to this from an early age

though.  It is one of the most common diseases for dogs and forms in the

gums and is caused by tartar build up.  There are lots of different dental

chews available and of course any dry food will help to remove any build-ups

but, if you can, a once-a-day brush should do it.


Washing your dogs bed a couple of times a month is a good idea.  Their beds can harbour flees, ticks and germs so make sure pooch’s bed is one that can easily be chucked in the washing machine along with his coat, his towels, his collar and his toys.  A regular hoover is also a good idea particularly if he sheds hairs.


Bathing your dog doesn’t have to be as often as you think.  Let’s face it, if your dog is a large one, its hard           work and messy work.  Too frequent washing can cause a dogs skin to flake and cause irritation also, the coat can

become duller.  If you have a dog that is hugely active or enjoys rolling around in the mud then sometimes a bath is needed.  Veterinarians recommend a bath around every 3 months but there are lots of other options available to keep your pooch smelling sweet.  Spray on dry shampoo’s are great like Mucky Pup and while brushing it through you are removing any loose undercoat hair which generally on double coated dogs can cause knots and an odour if not removed.  On a short hair dog there are wipes that are available for all over their body, these are easy and practical.  If your dog has

rolled around in a mud bath, don’t fret and reach for the hose pipe.  Let them dry out, a dogs coat, once dry will shed the mud and almost self clean, a good brush and they will be back to normal.

Paws need a bit of home TLC.  Whatever they step in which can include pesticides, pollens, moulds, dust, mites and anything else from where they walk doesn’t really need to be traipsed into your home.   A quick sponge off with a touch of doggy shampoo will clean them effectively and they will smell really fresh.  Another thing to bear in mind is if you dog has long hair between his toes and pads, its a good idea to get these trimmed down quite often.  Hair carries and holds quite a lot of bacteria and dirt, trapped between his pads can be uncomfortable as well.

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