Frequently asked questions

How can I discuss what I need?

Its really important that I get the correct and accurate information about what you require and your pets needs. I like to offer a FREE meed and greet service where I can come and meet you and your pets to discuss everything. I complete a questionnaire to make sure nothing is missed.

How far are you willing to travel?

I generally work within a 10 mile radius of where I live which is in Ironbridge, Shropshire. I cover Ironbridge, Broseley, all of Telford, Much Wenlock, Bridgnorth, Shifnal and surrounding areas.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

I have Diplomas, level 3 in dog walking and pet care, animal phycology, animal nutrition and dog grooming. I have 2 years experience of working within the dog walking and pet care industry as a professional and a life times worth of looking after pets and farm animals including dog rescue.

How do I book with you?

You can call me, text message, email and go through my website. The contact details are: telephone 07427061670 Email

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your booked service with me, contact me and let me know as soon as you possibly can. If you cancel on the day of your service you may be charged 50% of your fee for that days service.

Can I meet you before booking and using your services?

Absolutely! I will come and do a meet & greet with you to meet both you and your pets either at home, work or wherever is convienient for you. If you are booking doggy day care then I welcome you to come to my home so you can see exactly where your pooch will be and how he will be cared for.

What happens if my pet gets ill or there is an accident while in your care?

If your pet becomes ill or hurt while in my care, my first concern is the animal. Depending on the extent of the problem, your vet may be my first call. If the illness or injury is less urgent then I would call you first or the emergency number you have given me prior. During our meet and greet, I take all these types of detials including the name, address and contact details of the vet your pet is registered with. Of course, where there are any vets fee's or any other decisions to be made, I ensure full communication with you throughout.

What are the earliest and latest times you can walk my dog?

I know how demanding life can be and I know you may work irregular shift patterns. I am able to be flexible and offer early and late pet care and dog walks. Please feel free to discuss your needs with me.

Is there any discount for more more than one dog?

If you have more than one dog to be cared for and walked, I offer some great discounts for this. If I am visiting your home to care for your two cats, your rabbit and your goldfish, there is one flat charge per visit and not per pet.

How can I contact you?

My telephone number is 07427061670 My email address is My webiste is

How do I pay you?

You can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer and I accept all major credit cards.

When do I pay you?

You can pay me for each individual day, you can pay me weekly or monthly and I can invoice you weekly or monthly, whatever works best for you.

Do you work in all weathers?

As long as I can physically get to you, I will be there. The only time is if there are adverse conditions such as snow or flooding, if this is ever the case I will ensure I let you know.

Can I call you to look after my pet if I have an emergency?

We all have emergencies sometimes, the answer is YES you can. For example, if you have an urgent work or child issue and you are unable to get home then you can call me, if I can help then I will.

What days do you work?

Dog walking and pet care is not just Monday to Friday. My services are available 7 days a week.

Where will you walk my dog?

I always try to make my dog walks interesting, fun and engagine for your fur baby. I like to do my homework, I always check out nice open spaces and parks nearby, places with lots of good sniffs!