Our Story

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Tanya Shore-Bednall is the founder of The Doggy Army.  Adoring all animals and their priceless innocence she wanted to work somewhere within the pet and animal profession.  A qualified dog groomer and experience in dog physiology and training she offers a professional, trustworthy service to anyone who has pets and they need a little extra care and attention.

Where did this passion all start....

Five years ago, Tanya was running a successful scuba diving business in Tenerife with her husband.  They decided they wanted to get rescue a dog so set about visiting a large German run dogs home in South Tenerife. 


It’s true what they say, your dog chooses you.  A skinny and scared German shepherd cross ran over to them and sat looking up with gorgeous hazel eyes in silence while all of the other dogs were barking and yapping.

He had chosen his new mom and dad and home he went and he very quickly became part of their family. 


On selling the business in Tenerife and returning to the UK with Padi the dog, Tanya passed grooming courses, studied pet physiology and became absorbed into looking after dogs and other animals.  None of this was new to her; there have always been dogs and cats (and many of them) in her family. 


It was a natural progression to start a business with animals and looking after them, with a love for the countryside and outdoors and expertise and knowledge of dogs, the two go hand in hand.

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Nice run on the beach for Padi
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